The National VET Equity Advisory Council

The National VET Equity Advisory Council (NVEAC) was established to improve training and employment outcomes for those at risk of disadvantage in the national training system, by providing leadership for cultural and systemic change in vocational education and training (VET).

CISC Meeting Announcement

The newly formed COAG Industry and Skills Council held its inaugural meeting on 3 April 2014. At this meeting, it was agreed to streamline and simplify the governance arrangements for the national training system. As such, it was agreed that the on-going committees and sub-committees established under the previous Standing Council, including the National VET Equity Advisory Council, be dissolved.  It was also agreed that the functions of Secretariat as provided by NATESE are to be brought into the Department of Industry general organisational structure.

Over this transition period, NATESE and its staff continue to be available, and will provide any updates as these arrangements are progressed. For further information please contact 

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